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Build It. 

Love It. 

Commit To It. 

Youll be successful every time 

Relationships and Wealth.
Mindset and Progression.
Happiness and Freedom.



BLAC Heartbeat is all about helping you master YOUR mind, body, spirit and overall happiness.

Ultimately improving your relationships, finances, health and well-being.The first step and always THE most challenging is taking a look at yourself first. Holding yourself accountable for your life. Breaking down all of the learned behavior and deciding who you are and what you want. It starts with a mindset. Once you decide to change your mind, you will absolutely change your life. 


Are you invested in an asset or liability? What value do you bring to a relationship?

How can you recognize a healthy relationship?

Let's get the best return on your investment. 

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 Ask us anything and get your response within 24 hours. 


Work! Kids! Spouse!  Cook! Clean! Exercise! Eat Right! Make More Money! Take Care of Everybody! Oh Shit, Shower! Pray! Meditate! 

Who has time for all of this?


They're married! And they're business owners, business partners, parents, authors and under 35 years old. 

We inspire people young and old to see first hand how you can take nothing and turn it into your greatest dreams. 


To be successful at anything and to find happiness in everything is a mindset shift. We'll show you how to gain control of your life by using simple techniques to intentionally shift things around in your life. 

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Open up the door of truth in your relationship.


If you're ready to explore if you and your partner are on the same page, or if you need to find ways to get on the same page AND bring progression to the relationship, these are the keys. 


You have to be ready to take a look at yourself and the people around you. The Five BLAC Heartbeats of Love and Wealth forces you to ask the important questions.


Am I an asset or liability?


Am I dealing with an asset or liability?


How can we get to and maintain progression in our relationship and lives.


A Think and Grow Rich meets a 5 Love Languages.


It's a mindset. Change Your Mind. Change Your Life.


"OmG i bought this book today from King Donte and when i tell you i cant put this book down. I wish i had this book 17 years ago during my first marriage it probably would have lasted. But im letting you know to please keep writting books to encourage people. We need the encouragement and the enlightenment that we are receiving from this book. Now mind you i dont read alot but this book i cant seem to put down. I want my next investment to be a great investment i want to be able to go on paid-vacations. God bless yall. Keep it up Awesome JOB..” -- Regina


Profit King Donte and Queen Tiffany Geselle took BLAC Heartbeat from an idea to an empire in 2 short years. This married mastermind couple lives by the motto Change Your Mind, Change Your Life. From leaving a 9-5 and street life to owning and running a countrywide non profit organization teaching youth entrepreneurship, owning a luxury valet company, authors, speakers and now being the youngest 100% black owned wine company in GA. 

              What's the secret?

The secret is a mindset shift. You have to completely do away with learned behavior and unproductive habits. You have to get so deep into your subconscious and recreate your entire experience going forward. And the crazy thing is, you can start at any given time! As many times as you need to! 




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